Complete Automatic curve tracking algorithm, with a manual digitising option whenever required. Digital data in LAS, BIT or PTF format is acceptable. Ability to overlay digital data against scanned images to show the correlation between digital data and paper log, and to highlight discrepancies and missing data. Resampling and units conversion capability. Outputs digitised data to disk in LAS format.

Well Log Digitizing

Our company assures Quality services in the field of Well-Log digitization. We provides the lowest price well log digitizing, the highest quality, and the fastest well log digitizing service. Our well log digitizing fee is much cheaper than other digitization company. We have the geo-technical expertise to convert all hardcopy well log data (paper, microfiche, films etc) to industry standard interpretation ready electronic vector formats. We have digitized both Western and Russian logs for numerous Oil majors in India & abroad . Well-Log Digitization and Header Capture Using our Fastlog-Logedit Software all specified curves can be digitized. The following details highlight the procedures carried out:

-Quality control checks implemented at each stage
-Qualified Log Analyst/ Petrophysicist/ Geophysicist verifies accuracy of all data.
-All specified curves are digitized selecting one curve at a time using automatic and manual digitization by setting requisite parameters. Different color can be used for various curves.
-Multiple back-ups including logarithmic, hybrid, linear and reciprocal scales can be used.
-Various kinds of logs including Gas Logs, Lithologs, Tadpoles and Texts can be digitized.
-All curves of a well are spliced and composed if required.
-All Log Header information is captured.
-Digital data can be delivered in LAS ASCII formats.

Features :

-Can import common image file format- tiff.
-Pasting of graphs via clipboard.
-Can capture screenshots.
-Data export in ASCII file or via clipboard in scientific notation, ready to be imported in many other applications (e.g. Mirocal Origin, Mircosoft Excel).
-Automatic digitizing of line and scatter plots.
-Manual digitizing via mouse clicks.
-Can handle tilted or distorted graphs, axes do not need to be orthogonal.
-Linear, logarithmic and reciprocal axes.
-Graphs can be zoomed, mirrored and rotated.
-Multiple different data sets can be defined.
-Sorting of data values.
-Comprehensive online help language: English, German.
-Available for Windows, Linux, Unix.


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