Quality over Quantity - it's an age-old idea but is still as hard for companies to implement in an online business world as it was before. Driving thousands of undifferentiated visitors to your website takes little online marketing skill; getting the traffic that will actually convert to dollars requires much more proficiency and expertise. Our SEO department's mission is to do just that: drive quality organic traffic to your site.

Neuronet' SEO team doesn't perform mysterious ad-hoc adjustments to your site, but rather closely examines your search visibility status, from your website's structure to competitive conditions on search engines, and puts together a transparent action plan.

SEO Discovery:

The SEO process begins with a discovery phase. During this phase, we'll collect all the relevant SEO requirements for your project, including:

-Domain Age Analysis & Search Engine Indexing Status
-Keyword Semantics Definition
-Keyword Effectiveness Research
-Level of Competition for Keywords
-Level of Competition for Content
-Baseline Ranking for Your Site on Targeted Keywords

The Discovery Report produced at the conclusion of this process will yield the SEO program options available to you according to the competitiveness of your site's market. Different markets need different tactics and no program options will be offered to you that won't yield results in your market. You’ll be able to choose between these programs based on your desired level of intensity and budget:

-Moderate Program
-Active Program
-Robust Program
-Aggressive Program

Additional services and a-la-carte pricing on products such as Google product search, local search, and others will also be described in the report so that you can select your own custom program if you wish.

SEO Preparation:

After you've selected the most suitable SEO program for your site with help from our team, the first month of the process is used for preparing your site for the program. During this phase, our team will perform the technical changes necessary to optimize your site, including some or all of the following:

-Google Analytics and Customization
-Google Analytics Ecommerce module
-Google Webmaster Tools
-Search-friendly URL rewrites
-Robots.txt Creation and Optimization
-XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
-HTML Sitemap Creation
-Meta Data Scripting
-Custom 404 Page Creation
-301 Redirect Page Creation
-Keyword Mapping
-Robots Analysis
-Site Architecture Analysis

SEO Services:

Once the preparation phase is complete, the main part of the project begins with the daily work of your selected SEO program. Depending on the program you've selected, this will include some of the following ongoing work by our team:

-Custom Content Development and Optimization:
    --Landing Page Content
    --Product Page Content
    --Onsite Article Content
-Offsite Article Development and Distribution
-Link-bait Article Development
-Press Release Development and Distribution
-Social Bookmarking Promotion
-Directory Submissions
-Link Building
-Ongoing Conversion Analysis

All our clients receive monthly reports detailing and analyzing traffic, conversions, and search rankings for your site – as well as other statistics on your site's progress since the beginning of the program. Feel free to look at some of our SEO case studies to see how we’ve put this concept into practice with some stunning results!


Our strategy is to build long-term relationship with our customers with their support.

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