Neuronet strength lies in our ability to analyze a particular project customize our application to suit your need and execute the same to industry standard for digitizing of map (Topographic Maps, Satellite Imagery and Georeferencing Maps) with the help of AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS, NeuraMap software. We can offer digitization of map low cost offered by other digitization centers. We have the capability to provide the output in any compatible format as per required by the client. This way we can produce solution, which add real value to business.

Neuronet has the capacity to handle and executes any projects as the client requirement. We believe in long term client relationship through emphasis in quality and personal service. We bring out the best in us. Providing you with high quality output at competitive rates and minimum time. Neuronet is team highly dedicated and hard working professionals striving to excel in the field of digital service.

Neuronet has an able to complete all the projects. It has received so far in time and to complete satisfaction of its clients. Neuronet has the capacity to increase the infrastructure as per the requirement.

Neuronet, use On-Screen Digitization processes to convert drawings, maps, plans, etc., into a file that are ready to use by a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting/Design) software system. Our methods and proprietary processes for converting documents into CAD-Perfect vector formats has been shown to be four to ten times more efficient as other conversion options, such as board digitizing. These efficiencies translates into significant cost savings for the client.

The result is a file separated into layers (i.e. contours, transportation, hydrography, public land survey information, etc.), contours are assigned elevation values, and projected to your needs. If the map is to be integrated with existing data, the data is multriced or rubbersheeted to control points. The conversion is "seamless" which means that we use your standards and conventions when creating the data.

Neuronet can act as consultants during the specification stage to assist in defining the optimum solution, then define a conversion process to economically complete the project. Our customer-focused approach to this business is built around two simple principles; on-time-delivery and a 100% quality guarantee.

Common Uses:

-Surveying and Civil Engineering
-Watershed Analysis
-Environmental Engineering
-Land Reclamation
-Cut-and-Fill Analysis

Scope of Work:

1. Geo-Referencing: Geo-referencing shall be if source images are provided in raw form. If client provides geo-referenced images as source then no charges shall be there for this work.
2. Digitization: Each map shall be digitized individually for following layers.
-Well locations
-Fault simple
3. Edge Matching: Edge matching if client required multiple maps to be joined to create a seamless single map.

Supported Formats:

AutoDeskĀ® Software
-AutoCAD (.dwg)
-Drawing Exchange File (.dxf)

ESRIĀ® Software
-ARC/INFO (Coverages, Shapefiles, GeoDatabase, etc.)
-Interchange Files (.E00)


Our strategy is to build long-term relationship with our customers with their support.

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Best well log digitizing software to complete project.

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Topographic Maps, Satellite Imagery and Georeferencing Maps.

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